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Helping you reduce cost, reduce risk, and streamline processes

At FleetCrew, compliance is our specialty. Our consultants have companies comply with federal, state, and local regulations to reduce costs, streamline processes, and mitigate risks. And now, at FleetCrew, we’re dedicated to helping you make the roads safer through intelligent compliance solutions.

Our professional consultants will give you a step-by-step to help:

  • Gather a complete fleet on and off road inventory list
  • Determine which ARB regulations apply to your business
  • Review your fleet’s turnover and equipment life cycle
  • Determine your fleet’s specific compliance requirements
  • Develop the most cost effective strategy for your business

Consulting Services

At FleetCrew, California compliance is our specialty. We have assisted thousands of companies comply with federal, state, CARB air quality and CHP regulations. We assist companies respond and deal with various notices of violations and other citations. We strive to reduce costs, streamline processes, and mitigate risk to all CA fleets. FleetCrew is dedicated to helping you make the roads safer through intelligent compliance solutions. If your fleet is currently out of compliance, we can help!

Fleet Assessment
Could your fleet pass a CA audit? Work with one of our compliance experts to understand which regulations apply to your fleet and where you stand to ensure you are prepared for an audit or inspection. Discover weaknesses and risk exposure for proactive correction to avoid fines and headaches.

Compliance Health Check
With our compliance health check, we can perform a full audit that not only takes into consideration your diesel retrofit obligations and required turnover schedule, but also your obligations to other compliance requirements such as CHP BIT and DOT inspections, PSIP (opacity) compliance, and other record keeping requirements.

Compliance Planning
Need help maintaining your CARB compliance with the California regulations? Our professional consultants will give you a step-by-step assistance which includes determining which CARB regulations apply to your business. Review your turnover and equipment life cycle and other fleet specific compliance requirements to develop a cost effective strategy for your business. This includes calculating fleet size, engine eligibility, fleet average and your average PM emission levels. We will help you navigate through phase out schedules based on fleet size for each appropriate regulation your equipment falls under.

Fleet Audit
Have you just taken over the fleet at your company? No decent records in place? We can help. We can compile the records you do have to help you understand what you have and what you need to do. If the records are minimal, we can also send out technicians to your location to obtain all the vehicle and engine information and serial data needed to complete an on road and off road fleet list to aid any required reporting. This would include your gasoline, diesel, propane and electric equipment – all of which apply to one regulation or another.

CARB Training
FleetCrew offer complimentary educational events to help fleet managers and operators better understand CARB’s regulations, compliance options, verified technology, and many other topics of interest related to diesel emission compliance. We know that keeping your mechanics up-to-date on your newest retrofit technology is essential. Educating your maintenance team on how the retrofits operate and how to properly maintain them will be necessary to keep your vehicles and DPFs operating at their maximum potential. We also offer personalized private training that allows for a more hands-on experience and gives your technicians the opportunity to train on your equipment and retrofit devices.

Idling Policy
Are you aware that fleets are obligated to create an internal idling policy within their organization, train drivers of this policy and keep records? This is part of both the on road and off road regulation. FleetCrew are here to help guide you on what is required and help create policies you can implement within your organization that will help keep you CA compliant with the rules and regulations.

EIN Labeling
Are you aware that both off road equipment and Large Spark-Ignited forklifts must be registered with CA and a unique equipment identification number (EIN) created and labelled on each piece of equipment? Fleet owners have a choice of how they want to label their vehicles/equipment using vinyl stickers or aluminum placards or even paint, as long as they meet the requirements of the text and font. ARB does not supply the EIN labels themselves but FleetCrew can help obtain these labels and get your equipment in compliance.

Disclosure Statements
Are you familiar with the rules surrounding the prohibition of sale requirements and disclosure statements for transactions that occur in California? FleetCrew are here to help. The off road and ACTM regulations require the seller of a vehicle with an engine subject to the off road regulation in CA to notify the buyer that the vehicle may be subject to the regulation therefor a retrofit or accelerated replacement/repower requirements need to be met. The disclosure must be printed on the bill of sale when the vehicle is sold and must include specific language set forth by ARB.

Waivers & Requests
Each regulation is complicated, there are certain procedures relating to dealing with emergency events, reporting and notification procedures. Also specific air districts require applications and their own registration requirements fleets must comply with when operating in each air district. FleetCrew can help aid the registration process and ensure you will not receive any surprise citations or violation notices.

Audit Support
FleetCrew are your partner when it comes to audit support. We provide risk mitigation and administrative support if you’re facing an audit. FleetCrew compliance audit experts can meet with you ahead of time to go through the paces of what will be asked during the audit and help you prepare your action plan and documentation to streamline and improve the experience. On the day of the audit, we provide expert guidance to decipher what the auditor is requesting and how to meet those requests.

Annual Reporting
Each regulation has its own reporting system and procedure as well as timeline and deadlines. Focus on your core business competency and outsource your compliance to FleetCrew. We can deal with any and all inspection and reporting requirements including initial reporting as well as annual updates. We also make sure to alert you of what the phase out plan looks like for upcoming years, so you can plan ahead internally and not faced with any unusual surprises.

Flexibility Options
FleetCrew are proficient on all ARB regulations and can help fleets understand any flexibility options that may be available to them – to delay regulatory compliance. Those fleets who are already using flexibility options, FleetCrew can help with initial and annual reporting including record submission and ARB staff communication. There are limited hour provisions, heavy crane phase in options and rental equipment requires that may apply and specific deadlines and requirements of each. FleetCrew can help fleets understand how to deal with exemptions, low use and emergency use scenarios.

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Lighter Vehicle
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Low-Use Exemption
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Model Year Schedule
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Vehicle Idling
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CARB Compliance is what FleetCrew does best!

Stop stressing over CARB'S complex compliance regulations

Reduce inspection costs, streamline processes and mitigate risks

Painlessly obtain Truck Certificates and renew DMV registrations

Avoid costly compliance violations & fines

Stop stressing over CARB'S complex compliance regulations

Reduce inspection costs, streamline processes and mitigate risks

Painlessly obtain Truck Certificates and renew DMV registrations

Avoid costly compliance violations & fines
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