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FleetCrew Offer Diagnostic Solutions for all Diesel Applications

Prefer to handle diagnostics internally? You have your own maintenance staff? No problem. FleetCrew are a provider for a full range of diagnostic kits and cables. Our diagnostic tools provide troubleshooting codes and visuals of your engine condition in REAL time. Functionality includes performing forced regenerations, injector cut-out tests and resetting codes. We have the tools to help your maintenance team keep your truck on the road. We offer both Truck & Off Highway diagnostic solutions for all major makes and models, multiple platform flexibility and support. Our full range of kits cover entry level, mid-tier and professional functionality. Equip your maintenance staff and drivers with tools and software to stay on top of engine and maintenance issues. Stay informed and make decisions about repairs by utilizing our diagnostic program. Shop our online store for a full range of diagnostic kits and cables.

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