Diesel Handheld Pro

Diesel Handheld Pro

Designed for heavy-duty diagnostics, the Diesel Handheld Pro can read and clear DTCs, read live data, perform DPF regens on most makes and models, initiate emission and maintenance resets, and punch-out directly to the Diesel Repair platform. The Diesel Handheld Pro comes with a durable carry case and includes one (1) OBDII cable, one (1) 6 Pin cable, one (1) 9 Pin cable, and one (1) CAT 9 Pin cable. Portable and high-performance, the Diesel Handheld Pro is ideal for any maintenance shop or heavy-duty owner-operator.

Simple to Use

Using this tool is simple. Plug it in, Choose HD or EOBD, run a systems automatic search to find the systems on the vehicle. This then brings you to a menu where you can choose from the systems found on the truck. You can then choose the options to read or clear faults, freeze frame data or view live data. Regens are simple and are accessed from the main menu by choosing “DPF Regen” and choosing your manufacturer from the list.


  • Will read/clear codes and freeze frame data
  • Show live data and force Regens
  • Includes lifetime updates
  • Supports J1708 and J1939 protocols and French, Spanish, and English languages

Included Hardware

  • Diesel Handheld Heavy-Duty Scan Tool - 4" LCD screen that works in 14-122 °F temperatures
  • Carry Case
  • 6 Pin Cable, 9 Pin Cable
  • OBDII Cable, Cat 9 Pin Cable
  • CAN1 to CAN3 Paccar 9-Pin Cable
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card Adapter

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